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Digital Painting - Study

Hi, Guys.
I did this study when I finished the Digital Painting course with Serge Birault, some time ago, in Rio.
I took a reference from the great model Jeneil Williams by the (also) great photographer Junia Noni.
The original image is here;

I hope you like it



After many time, the posts are back!
One watercolor for the beginning.
I hope you like!


Hi, everyone!
This is the movie that I made for the Anelis Assumpção's music " Estrela" ("Star").
That was one of the most artistic challenging and inspirational work I've ever made! The process was exciting!
I hope you enjoy!

ESTRELA from David Mussel on Vimeo.


This is the Clip made for the Group Short Movie called "Engole ou Cospervilha" during 2012.
It's a basic hand drawn animation. I hope you enjoy it!

Samurai from David Mussel on Vimeo.