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Hello, Everyone!

Some time I don't post, but now I finished my new film: Cartas (Letters, in English)
This is the trailer, that I hope you enjoy.

I hope you could watch it in some festival near to you.

The film was selected for festivals in Mexico, India and Italy for now.
I will update informations here.


Cartas-Letters:Trailer from David Mussel on Vimeo.


Life Drawing Sketches

Some life drawings made during my class.
I tried to catch the essence of the pose, like Walt Stanchfield used to say.

An awesome exercise to thumbnailing storyboard and animation poses.

Funny faces

These are some faces of citizens in Rio de Janeiro drawn in the subway.
Because anywhere is a place to make drawings.



This is a illustration made for Senai-RJ, trying to summerize the Senai's team (without caricatures, only with fictional characters)



I am a little late with the inktober challenge. So, I decided to post more than one this time.

First, when the Catwoman meets the Carmen Sandiego...

Then, the classic Audrey Hepburn.
Based on

Finally, this pose.
Based on Artizan's work


Inktober 3/31

Third (almost fourth) inktober day.
Because sleep is not on the schedule...


Inktober 2/31

Today, the inktober challenge is dedicated to my friend`s B-day, Rosana Urbes and her amazing short "GUIDA":

The old lady was inspired in:


inktober 1/31

Inspired in:

Because sleep is not in the schedule...