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Winner of Vivo Arte Mov Festival, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, last november, for the people's vote.
The short movie Botões (Buttons) have been made in the Object's Theater Festival, by Daniela Schneider, J.Ricardo, Rosilene Souza, Vilma Teles and me. The project had the orientation of Guilherme (Amarante) PAM and Enzo Giaquinto, for the Giramundo Puppets Theater Company.
I hope you enjoy it!


Back to the dog, I've made some takes, since Tex Avery, Disney, untill Federico Vitalli.
Takes like Avery's work, the Pose to Pose is better, whereas the Vitalli's one, the Straigh Ahead give it more "life".

D'après Doré

Diferently to the first, which was used ink and pen, that was created only with a pencil 4B

Animals Farm

Illustration work based on the George Orwell's book: Animals Farm.

Life Drawing

The big School of Fine Arts' model: "Seu Zé"

Animation: Methodology

A test using the "Dick Williams" instructions about the Pose to Pose and Straigh Ahead mothodologies.

Poeira Estúdios

That character was developed for me, in 2D technique, for the Poeira Estúdio, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where I worked.
It was built and texturized for company's fellows . After that, I animated this short scene.
Give us a kiss, Pow!

Concept Art

Visual Concept developed for a Global Warming's short film. There, the old Perrault's fairy tale was rewritten in our hard hot times.


Study for a swimming gym's mascot