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Sketches II

Last Saturday I was in the hospital with a deep pain in my neck. When I was there, an old man arrived, lying in a stretcher and he stayed in front of me for some minutes. It pointed his feet out to me for his straight with curves lines. Not only the feet, but also the hand and fingers of that work man who I observed. Following the Leonardo da Vinci's advise, I was with my little sketch book in the T-shirt pocket, and could catch some lines of these shapes that really amazed me.


Well, here there are some drawings made inside the subway, in the route to the college.
Some people dislike when realize that they are been observed. As Walt Stanchfield said: “Don’t be afraid to sketch in public places such as museums, parks, restaurants, etc.”, because that's is the best exercise to our minds and drawings. Also Leonardo da Vinci advised his students to make drawings in public places, carrying a sketch book all the time. Whether two great masters said these things, why do I have to disagree with them? Let our drawings out!

Character - Visual Development II

However, I wasn't pleased with those results, because didn't have platicity, beauty and charming in those characters when I put them in animation poses. So, I've made so many studies for the two persons, but now, I was started doing drawings from basic shapes, because they are better watched for the audience in the screen. And, as Alfred Hitchcock said to François Truffault: "We have to "draw" our movies as Shakespeare thought his plays: to the audience!"

As I said, Sancho came out easier tahn Quijote, and his shape was decided. That thin guy gave me a lots of drawings to find his silhouette. On the other hand, thinking about animal shapes, as the old european fisiognomonie studies was so interesting for the development. That assured success for the better result in that case. But not only. All the form is plastic and can be applied in animation with all its principles, besides the Art Babbit's successive breaking of joints.
Sure! I put a little mouse in that composition, as a conflict point in the scene. Remember: all the Disney animation has begun with a mouse (after the Oswald, but it's another History, hehe)
That's the better Don Quijote de La Mancha, who truly has a squash and stretch in his limbs, and can have the successive breaking of joints, like the Dick Williams' Pink Panther in the Blake Edwards' The Return of the Pink Panther.
And Sancho, that's already borned with a moody face, differently of the Cervantes' book. Yes! I really liked those ones. But... Is that all, folks? Of course, not...

Character - Visual Development

Fist of all, I have to show you the visual development - and some psychological attitudes - of these persons based on Cervantes' book.
Here, I've drawn Don Quijote thinking in a thin middle-aged man. To tell you the truth, I really wanted e silhouette which looked like a Chuck Jones's Willie Coyote, only because Chuck's drawinhgs are so charming. So, I made many studies in my sketch book for the Mancha's warrior. And stopped when I could watch a satisfatory result to it.
With the Don made, I could think in Sancho Panza. Thinking for contrast, because in animation, the character's visual is better watched for the audience when we made the opposite visual, and attitudes. Of course, Sancho came out easier than Quijote. I don't know why...

That's are the two previous result for these characters, that I liked so much.


Don Quijote de La Mancha

Other study about de Cervantes' book, after hours of work. That's composition will be used in future projects: I really liked that illustration! And, as we know, it's not ending here...



Based on the greatest book Don Quijote de La Mancha, I made these two studies for the main characters on the literate story. It was weeks of hard research and work (thousand of drawings: pain in my hands!!), but it's not ending here...