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Don Quixote Thumbnails

Here we are some thumbanils, which are the preview drawings that I always made before draw an animation scene. Milt Kahl was the great master: if he had a scene that the character was lying on the bed, for exemple, he drew him with the left arm on the stomach, and in other drawing, with the left arm on the head, and, other, left arm on the bed, and etc, ad infinitum, untill find out his pose. When he had a character pose that he liked, and was expressive enough to catch the audience for some minutes, then he put this pose on the real size, in the final sheet, in the layout. "Dick" Williams made up it when saw Frank Thomas draw only one pose for the cat in Alice in Wonderland: that was his key pose!
On the other hand, Eric Goldberg said he don't work with thumbnails... God! And he's, nowadays, one of the best cartoon animators in the world! Observe the Alladin's Genius, the Hercoles' mentor Phill, or the recent Princess and the Frog´s Alligator: any word is enough to describe it!
Each person made the process how it works better, in a more pleasure way. I'm not one of the great ones (yet, hehe), but I try to follow their examples. In this case, the Kahl's example works better for me. =)

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