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Affair - Making of

Hi all,
This is the preview that I made to the affair's scene.
As I said, I needed to plan carefully the scene before the 3D animation, to keep the eye texture expression, because during the animation process I didn't watch the eyes and what was happening in that stage of the animation. Like the most part of the animators in the world, mainly the great studio animators, like Pixar for example, the scene's plan was made through drawings, first with the thumbnails. I would want to put the drawings in the exact timing of the scene, so I move the thumbnails to the layout in the sheets, like a 2D animation, and made the keyframes and some breakdowns, to antecipate the 3D character's action and reaction.
One of the most imortant things in this work was to try two oppostite personalities, giving to the two characters different attitudes. Of course, the character design is the most tool to achieve this objective. However, to make it clear that the personalities was the opposite - one character was shy, the other was extrovert - made the same body to them could highlight these differences. Using the animation, and body language could be fancier than sculpt two different characters to this scene, but I just want to use these tools in this work. I love character design and character visual development. I've already made a lots of them. You can see that in this blog. I'm a big fan of Willie Real, Nicholas Marlet, David Colman, Glen Keane, and many-many others. Only in this scene I do want to try opposite behaviors with the gestures, postures and personalities. Besides, the texture as facial expression, and concentrate that in the eyes, could also emphasize the each personality.
I hope you enjoy the process.

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