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Don Quixote - Making Of

Well, that's some part of the Quixote's making of that I shown before.
This first part is the planing in the storyboard scene. I took these images and put in the time with my voice, to feel how it behaviors.

Here, I made the little drawings with the character gestures, called Thumbnails, and I put these drawings in the animation, in the layout scene, knowing where the charater would move. It was made by free lines, but taking care to keep the volume in the Quixote; As Williams said, "Don't confuse a drawing with a map: we're animating masses, not lines". That stage of the animation process allow us to watch the flow and flexibility of the acting, through the moviment, the timing and spacing. We also can call it pencil test, or rough animation, because it's not the final result.

After that, I made the clean up, with other sheets, and I put the character in the final design. As I know what are the kind of movement, the timing and the spacing, I could concentrate my brain in the visual and in the line, don't forgetting the Williams' words about the maps. As Milt Kahl said when Williams ask him if he listen to classical music during the animation process: "I'm not smart enough to think two things at the same time", and Williams conclude that "animation is concentration". This is the biggest knowledge! Furthermore: Eric Goldberg wrote that the pose goes for feeling first, and the anatomy becames after that. That's other bigger taught!

Finally, I made the Background of the scene, and I thought in a color to that, based on the great impressionists painters. Of course, it's not a very pleasure and higher painting, but it got beautiful with the character. Basically, I wanted to eliminate the black and white colors of the palette, and make light and shadows with yellow and blue shades. Yes, I couldn't make that without mention Gustav Doré, one of the best Cervantes' illustrators, and Portinari, who is present in the scene, by a little tribute, in the frame on the wall.

"We have to love our art with all our force, and love it without selfishness", said Stanislavski...


tiffannysketchbook said...

your animations are so good! I love the characters and the movements. You are so talented!

Muy bien!

David Mussel said...

oh, thanks, lady!
your comment make me happy!