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Affair - Making of Part 2

I'm here again to show you more about the process of the Affair's short scene.

First of all, I've drawn the model, to make de modeling in the CG, to animate the character. As the two characters was the same, I modeled it just once.

Then, I made the thumbnails, a lot f them, to catch the perfect pose, which could express every character's feelings to the audience, like Milt Kahl used to do, and also Mr. Williams, who is one of the great masters of the thumbnailing.

In the end, I made some color studies to set the light, the material and the balance in the composition. Of course, I was trying it, and one of them could be so bizarre, heeheehee...

thanks for visiting, fellows!

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Rafael Guimarães said...

Seus trabalhos estão um espetáculo! Parabéns!