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Texture animation - Affair

This is my texture animation test, after watch again the children serie Pocoyo
For some guys, it can be strange, but not for me. I became a Pocoyo's fan when I watched it in Discovey Kids, with my nephew. The fancy animation and the simplicity in the character design pointed out to me. the timing in Pocoyo is amazing, and many series and movies don't have that sophisticated rhythm. However, the most interest thing is the facial expressions made only through of textures ( I think it's made like that).
Twos years ago, when I saw Pocoyo, I started a research about how those facial expressions could be make. Unfortunately, I had to stop this work, because I needed to graduate, and dedicated myself to that project - which I'll release here, in this blog, when I finish the audio part. The animation and post-production in my graduation movie has ended, so I could back to the facial texture research. For this, I made that very short scene to test these facial expressions with textures, without any eye or mouth made with 3D sculpture, in CG. The first movie built totally in CG in the world, 100% virtual, the Brazilian's Cassiopéia (Cassiopéia, Clóvis Vieira, 1996), used textures to make the character's facial expressions. You can see about this movie in
And the making of in

First of all, I wanted to put the mouths out, because I thought in a "kiss scene", and the sound expressing the kiss is fancier than show this act to the audience. The ancient russian director Dziga Vertov has written many texts about the sound in the movies. In one of them, he says that step sounds in a image that shows a man walking is a mistake, because the image's already shown the steps; the audience don't need listen to the sound of this. Therefore, show a scared face, while the audience hears the steps is an art, because people can use their imagination to understand the movie's story. So, I decided to make the kiss only with the sound and show the character expression through of his and her eyes. To make that, the animation must be perfectly planned to make no mistakes in the 3D, since I wasn't watch what was happened with the eyes when I was animating.
Nevertheless, I follow the Eric Goldberg's advice, when he says "use the entire body to express what your character is feeling" (GOLDBERG, 2008, p. 24). Then, I put the camera filming the entire characters' body, like the beginning of the cinema, in Méliès movies, for example.
You can also watch this in

The body and the texture facial expression is the result of that short scene, which I hope you enjoy.


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