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light & ink

Hi, fellows!
Now, I'm here to show you some studies that I've made with Chinese ink and brush, to “try” myself.
It's a work that I like a lot. On this paper (which is made with eggshell), I've tried to build a female figure through big and small black shapes, to show the shadow and the light in the woman. The composition in triangle is a way to maintain the sad and "non-active" atmosphere that the figure in the work is feeling.

This was a challenge, because the woman is under the sun light, and has few shadow areas to describe her body. Fortunately, the human-eye (and the brain) complete the figure suggested by some lines. It's magic.
In this work I've tried to make a figure with thick-and-thin lines, like the great master Eric Goldberg said in his amazing book: Character Animation Crash Course. Only one brush could give a thousand kinds of shapes, and these ones helped me to draw this woman. The different lines and shapes can express different materials, like skin, cloth or water, that we can observe in this work.
I hope you enjoy it.
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edusá said...

Nice drawings,man!

I think that you reached the most important feature of a woman body: the dynamic moves and smooth strokes!

Keep doing it!

Ana Muniz said...


Seu portfolio é lindo demais!
Seu trabalho é ótimo!

O seu livro tá aqui, é só a gente marcar para eu te entregar!